James Thompson

Hello, I am James. I’m 29, live in San Francisco, and work in tech. I grew up pretty modestly in small towns in FL and WV, read a lot of books on astrophysics and human evolution, got a degree in aerospace, and went to Stanford as an NSF Fellow.

People describe me as curious, creative, and a little crazy. My résumé calls me a product manager, a designer, and an engineer. I see myself as more of a scientist.

Today, I work at the intersection of people and data at Palantir, where I help design and manage products that straight-up blow my mind. We mold messy, complex, raw data into a narrative that ordinary people can read as easily as a Sunday comic—I call this humanizing data. I am endlessly inspired by my colleagues.

If you'd like to get in touch, you can do that by dialing the number below. Until we meet again, be bold and stay curious.

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