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I bet the map you will make—one that clarifies your specific definition of your 'hood—will be completely unique to you. I'll let you know if anyone makes a map that is similar to yours, as you are likely soul-mates. In the meantime, make your map and display it proud. You can take a screenshot, but if you want a print that is truly worthy of your wall, pay me $25 and I will personally print it and ship it to you using the finest quality paper locally sourced here in San Francisco. Until we meet again, I hope you have a wonderful day.

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James Thompson

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Product & Design Advisor


Not taking additional clients. I help founders do design, hone process, and scope outcomes. I am a product and design leader (Palantir, 2012-2017) specializing in humanizing data, user engagement, and team and innovation processes. My practice incorporates human-centered design methology and user empathy, product essentialism, rapid iteration, and data-informed decision-making. I earned my MS in design from Stanford (2011) and my BS in aerospace engineering from UVA (2008, with High Distinction). I am an NSF Fellow. I am creative, optimistic, and outcome-oriented.

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I offer pro bono services to select teams that are not funded.

Join him in San Francisco or by phone or video chat from anywhere in the world.

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Common topics:

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I track reported milestones for technologies I find interesting.

Arms Races

I track reported milestones for technologies I find interesting.


  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • You deserve nothing.

    And nothing deserves you.

    Stephen Hawking taught me reasoning and seeing.

    Jr. High Art Teacher Mr Tracey had us (IIRC) paint a portrait of the person we most admire. I painted Stephen Hawking, mixed media of acrylic, marker, colored pencil, oil, and whatever else I could find. I got first place in a State Art Fair (maybe 2nd?). The portrait is copied from the front cover of my favorite book The Brief History of Time. I used to write explanations of physics concepts for my friends to read, trying to emulate SH.

    Welcome back.

    You've been here many times.

    Voice Commands Catalog

    A catalog of useful voice commands for interacting with dictation services.


    Assistants Comparison


    Not sure about the backspace. Wish the link to github went to the Issues page. Minimum wake times from memory and feel.

    Welcome to this strange place

    Nothing happens unless absolutely necessary. That includes you being here. Do what you came to do. If you need me, use #.

    A # Edit ig W * jc cj cy /z gk pt- l mc x x x x x x x

    This website is made by tweaking the minimum number of variables possible from all basic settings. I beleive in Numinous Emergence: That which ought to be becomes manifest through our collective envisioning. I have a very simple workflow for building this website. I have Atom to code and use its built-in git tools to push to my Github Page. I then auto-sync my GitHub Page with my personal domain ( When I make design tweaks, I push changes to prod and evaluate on the end product (rather than staging changes). Excuse the mess. I'm not a quantified self person. I'm not really a data nerd either. I like maps. I liked the Tufte books. I love design. I like art and animals and the Universe and its mysteries. I like mysteries and thinking things numinous, and myself as numinous. I am doing this paragraph to show Andrew how I make my website.

    Actually now my workflow is even simpler. I merge changes direct to master directly on github and changes are automatically deployed. Down to two programs. Don't even need terminal. And one of those two programs is the website itself. Only way to make it better is to complete the process: I will soon be able to edit my website directly inline and save changes. In time, this will become the universal standard.

    You found the end.

    But this is not the end.

    Wouldn't be cool if there where scales you mounted on the wall and you pressed them and they registered a weight and that was how you exercised?